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9 July, 2008

For the last 20 years, Prof. Michael Aviram has been investigating the role of antioxidants, mainly dietary antioxidants, in the fight against atherosclerosis. Prof. Aviram, who is the Head of the Lipid Research Laboratory at the Rappaport Research Institute, has now developed a method for increasing the amount of antioxidants in white wine which is poor in grape skin polyphenolic antioxidants. This new method shows promise of revolutionizing the white wine industry. Until now white wine has not contained a large content of antioxidants. White wine is made by fermenting only the juice of grapes as opposed to red wine, known to have a high antioxidant level, which ferments the juice along with the grape skins. Grape skins are known to contain a high level of antioxidants. Prof. Aviram has succeeded in significantly raising the antioxidant level of white wine so that it is equal to that of red wine by incubating whole squeezed white grapes for a short period of time in the presence of alcohol, before removing the skins. The result is a 6 - fold increase in the normal polyphenol level of white wine and an antioxidant activity equivalent to that found in red wine. 


The Binyamina Wine Company, a leading Israeli wine manufacturer selling worldwide, has begun manufacturing white wine according to the method developed by Prof. Aviram. The new desert wine has the same color and taste as ordinary white wine, and the company hopes to begin selling the wine in the U.S.  by the end of 2008.  Now  wine lovers who are concerned about maintaining a healthy diet will have a choice of either red or white wine with their dinner.

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