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Young Faculty Member Wins Krill Prize

Dr. Amir Orian
Dr. Amir Orian

20 March, 2007

Dr. Amir Orian of the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine is a recipient of the prestigious Krill Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research  from the Wolf Foundation. Orian’s research interests include function and regulation of genetic networks in developmental biology and in cancer. He is a Horev Fellow in the Leaders in Science and Technology Program, and an Alon Fellow. 

Initiated in 2005, six Krill Prizes for Excellence in Scientific Research are awarded annually in exact sciences, life sciences, medicine, agriculture and engineering. Funded by the Krill Family in memory of Benjamin and Gitla Krill Mansbach Shlanger, the prizes recognize young faculty members at institutions of higher education in Israel who hold the untenured positions of lecturer or senior lecturer. Recipients are selected by the Wolf Foundation Scholarships Committee based on their excellence and the importance of their field of research, from among outstanding candidates submitted by all Israeli universities.

Since first awarded two years ago, Technion's young faculty have been recognized with the Krill Prize three times: Dr. Yonina Eldar and Dr. Ehud Behar in 2005, and Dr. Shulamit Levenberg in 2006.

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